Prism 5000K LED grow lights for indoor plants
PPFD for one Prism 5000K hanging plant growing lamps
installation methods for Prism 5000K plant light for indoor plants
full spectrum color chart of grow light
organic hydroponic vegetable farm grown under Prism 5000K grow light strips
vegetables grown in sustainable indoor agriculture farm using Brite Labs Prism 5000K T8 plant lamps
T8 grow light bulbs for indoor plants support healthy growth
plant lamps for indoor house plants in plant shelf setup

Prism 5000K (4-Pack)

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Transform your indoor garden with the power of light.

Our Prism 5000K grow lights offer a full-spectrum sunlight replacement for indoor plants, promoting growth and bloom. The optimized reflector design increases light efficiency by 20%, while the aluminum shell provides high-efficiency heat dissipation for longer LED chip lifespan. Easy to install with included tape, clips, and cable ties, it can link up to 4 grow lights in a series.

Optimized for Growth

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Grow healthier plants.

Elevate your indoor gardening game.
prism 5000K LED grow lights for indoor plants full spectrum on plant shelf setup

Light up your indoor garden

Enhance your plant viewing experience.

Bring sunlight indoors

Don't let low light conditions limit your indoor gardening.

plant with watering can in dark corner of room

3 Methods of Installation

mount to the ceiling method of installation

Mount to the ceiling

using double sided tapes method of installation

Using double-sided tapes

hanging with cable tie method of installation

Hanging with cable tie


Just plug in and you're ready to go!

Suitable and recommended for

Prism 5000K plant lights for indoor growing light up indoor garden of common houseplants

Common Houseplants

Achieve lush foliage and vibrant blooms with our artificial lighting that mimics natural sunlight, promoting plant health and growth.

flower seedlings under the light of full spectrum Prism 5000K LED grow lights

Seed Starting

Give your plants a healthy head start with grow lights that offer the optimal spectrum for seedlings and young plants.

Prism 5000K full spectrum grow light supplementing light to succulents


Foster the healthy growth and vibrant colors of your succulents with grow lights that offer the perfect indoor lighting solution.

seed starting tray containing organic homegrown basil seedlings growing indoors under Prism 5000K plant grow lights


Bring the power of the sun indoors and grow your vegetables without worrying about harsh weather conditions, dark days, disease, or pests.

orchids blooming under grow lights during winter

Flowering Plants

Preserve the beauty of your favorite flora and fauna indoors year-round, without relying on the unpredictable outdoor climate and sunlight.

various carnivorous plant growing well under indoor grow light Prism 5000K

Carnivorous Plants

Overcome the challenges of growing carnivorous plants indoors and enjoy their unique beauty and benefits.

full spectrum color chart of grow light landscape

Full spectrum grow light

Suitable for all stages of plant growth.

plants on the windowsill in winter

A lifeline for plants

During the cold winter months.

Smart LED solutions

Take the guesswork out of indoor gardening.

close up of freshly sprouted wheat grass grains under artificial lighting lamps Prism 5000K
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"Everything you need to create the perfect indoor growing conditions."

"Extremely impressed by the growth I saw within my plants after two weeks of use."

"All of the seeds that I have planted are growing well. Looking forward to a great garden this summer!"

"It’s great to know that I have back up during the winter months or when the weather is bad."

"Brite Labs offers LED lights that are customizable to individual plant needs."


Rated Power 132 watts (per light)
Max Draw Wattage 24 watts (per light)
Input Voltage AC 85-265 V
Frequency 50 to 60 Hertz
Working Current 0.3 amps to 3 amps
Construction Material Aluminum & PC
No. of LED Chips 96 (per light)
Color Temperature 5000K
Lifetime 50,000 hours
Power Cord Length 5 ft
Connector Cord Length 4 ft
Product Weight 0.8 lbs (per light)
Package Dimension 24.8 by 4.5 by 3.3 inches
Warranty 1 year
Package Content 4 x Prism 5000K 2FT, 2 x power cords, 3 x connector cords, 4 x small connectors, 8 x double-sided tapes, 16 installation clips and 16 x cable ties


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M. M. Walsh
United States

No title

I will be happy to let you know when I start using them. So far they are not even out of the box.

United States United States

Beware a single flaw..

I genuinely love the lights, don't stare too long at them or its like looking at the sun lol. The bundle was lovely and included so many parts and pieces be aware there's two types of connectors (to chain the lights together). Which is a long one that works wonders, and a short one that comes with exposed wires. Its probably meant to be there but...I was given no instructions on how to put it together and it seems kind of ridiculous that the long ones are fully designed but the short ones aren't. Seems like very poor design planning. I have nothing but love for these lights, but you'll be better off either buying the Halo or going to a different company all together if you plan on connecting lights less than three feet apart. I literally cannot set my lights up because of this and support has been unhelpful thus far, its pretty frustrating because they don't even tell you what type of connecting cords are used! I cant even buy my own connecting cords. Its a shame.

Katrina P.

Am in love..

My house is so dark, so these lights make a big difference to my plants. They come with various options to secure them to any shelf you have. I'm going to buy another set for starting seedlings next month.

Claudia H.

Great Customer Service!

The customer service from the company was amazing! When one of my lights arrived damaged, they were quick to help me solve the problem. Now that I have all of my lights set up, I'm excited to start growing some seeds.

Carol S.

Fantastic for my veggie seedlings and flowers!

I bought these lights to test on my DIY grow shelf made from a metal storage rack, and they're working amazing. They don't produce as much heat as my t5 fluorescent fixtures, which is great. I'm definitely going to purchase more so I can set up another shelf for additional space.