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"Everything you need to create the perfect indoor growing conditions."

"Extremely impressed by the growth I saw within my plants after two weeks of use."

"All of the seeds that I have planted are growing well. Looking forward to a great garden this summer!"

"It’s great to know that I have back up during the winter months or when the weather is bad."

"Brite Labs offers LED lights that are customizable to individual plant needs."

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Optimized for plants.

Hate purple lights?

Get 3000K warm white spectrum.

Completely replaces the need for sunlight. The ultimate lighting solution to garden indoors like never before.

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Consistent light provides plants the conditions they need to grow more lush and vibrant than ever.

Brite Labs Saber QUAD LED Grow Lights For Indoor Plants Small Artificial Sunlight Plant Growing Lamp Full Spectrum Bulbs Seed Starting Kit
Saber QUAD
Saber QUAD
Saber QUAD
Saber QUAD
Saber QUAD
Saber QUAD
Saber QUAD


Saber QUAD
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Take your plant care to the next level in minutes.

4 adjustable arms covered in Red and Blue LED chips are exactly what you need to promote healthy and fast growth in your plants. An automatic on/off timer, lightning fast install and full spectrum light make this grow light the indoor gardening solution you have been searching for.

Anywhere, anytime of the year

Grow indoor gardens of your dreams.

LED grow light 2700K warm white spectrum