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Digital Hygrometer

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Monitor the humidity levels in your grow room to keep plants from drying out or becoming too moist. Designed with a stand for table top use or a magnet at the back if you wish to have your device attached, this hygrometer is the perfect tool to ensure your indoor garden's success.

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digital hygrometer humidity gauge rh meter indoor humidity meter

If you grow plants indoors

Keep up with their humidity needs.

Highly accurate and up to date.

temperature and humidity meter digital thermo hygrometer

Suitable and recommended for

Tropical Houseplants

Keep the humidity for most tropical indoor plants at 50-60% humidity.

Vegetative Stage of Growing Plants

It is beneficial to maintain the humidity levels at 40-50% during this phase.

Seeds Starting

For seeds to germinate, the humidity level should be high, in the 90-100% range.

thermometer hygrometer humidity reader digital humidity meter

Keep your plants thriving

At a suitable place in your house.

Convenient backlight display.

humidity tester humidity thermometer mini hygrometer
instrument to measure humidity digital hygrometer thermometer

3 versatile placement styles.

Display historical MIN / MAX records.

humidity checker humidor hygrometer temperature humidity meter
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"Everything you need to create the perfect indoor growing conditions."

"Extremely impressed by the growth I saw within my plants after two weeks of use."

"All of the seeds that I have planted are growing well. Looking forward to a great garden this summer!"

"It’s great to know that I have back up during the winter months or when the weather is bad."

"Brite Labs offers LED lights that are customizable to individual plant needs."

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there is a small button on the back to switch from displaying in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Batteries are not included. This product uses 2 x AAA batteries.

It resets itself every 24 hours.


Temperature Range -4 to 158°F (-20 to 70°C)
Temperature Resolution 0.1°F / 0.1°C
Humidity Range 20 to 95% RH
Humidity Resolution 1%
Refresh Rate 10 seconds
Display LCD with backlight
Power Supply 2 x AAA battery, 3.0V
Dimensions 97 x 75 x 23.5 mm


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