Brite Labs Saber QUAD LED Grow Lights For Indoor Plants Small Artificial Sunlight Plant Growing Lamp Full Spectrum Bulbs Seed Starting Kit
Saber QUAD
Saber QUAD
Saber QUAD
Saber QUAD
Saber QUAD
Saber QUAD
Saber QUAD

Saber QUAD

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Take your plant care to the next level in minutes.

4 adjustable arms covered in Red and Blue LED chips are exactly what you need to promote healthy and fast growth in your plants. An automatic on/off timer, lightning fast install and full spectrum light make this grow light the indoor gardening solution you have been searching for.

Optimized for Growth

Green Thumb Approved

100% Sprout Guarantee

Free 1-3 Day Delivery

Plant Guru Customer Service

Easy to use.

Made for all gardening enthusiasts.
red and blue LED grow lamp

Drive photosynthesis in plants

With red & blue light wavelengths.

Suitable and recommended for

LED grow lights for common indoor tropical houseplants

Common Houseplants

Brighten up your home with our powerful plant lights and color spectrum optimized for beautiful, healthy growth during every significant stage of plant development.

plant grow lights for seed starting and seedlings

Seed Starting

Not only will you promote successful growth and greater yields, you’ll reduce the risk of your plants becoming diseased.

growing succulents under LED grow light


Keep your succulents thriving in the right conditions, and they'll bring you years of enjoyment.

on/off timer.

Enjoy stress-free gardening.
plants in room with lack of light

Are you concerned about the

Lack of natural light in your home?

3 color switch modes

Saber QUAD switch to red light only

Red Light

Increases chlorophyll production, helping to stimulate flower growth and speed fruit production.

Saber QUAD switch to blue light only

Blue Light

Specially tuned to deliver the optimal light spectrum for vegetative growth and developing strong roots.

Saber QUAD switch to red and blue light

Red + Blue

With this combination of red & blue lights, it encourages healthy photosynthesis and vegetation in indoor plants.

gooseneck arms.

Achieve maximum coverage.
plants on the windowsill in winter

The ideal choice

During harsh weather conditions.

Supercharge your green thumb

Plant when and where you want to.

Saber QUAD LED grow lights for indoor plants

6 different
brightness modes.

Support your plants development needs.
1 year warranty stars logo

Premium Quality Assured

We stand by our products.

Featured in

"Everything you need to create the perfect indoor growing conditions."

"Extremely impressed by the growth I saw within my plants after two weeks of use."

"All of the seeds that I have planted are growing well. Looking forward to a great garden this summer!"

"It’s great to know that I have back up during the winter months or when the weather is bad."

"Brite Labs offers LED lights that are customizable to individual plant needs."

Frequently Asked Questions

The blue LED lights are perfect for vegetative growth to nurture tall and leafy plants. The red LED lights, on the other hand, are ideal for budding and flowering plants. For enhanced results, you might want to optimize this at different stages in a growth cycle, however the reality is that plants grow and flower best with both blue and red light all of the time, so I would recommend to keep both lights on.

The clamp is designed to keep the grow light steady when it's standing up and its arms are positioned accordingly. Without utilizing the clamp, the grow light may not be able to hold itself steady.

The Saber QUAD only produces red and blue light. It does not produce ultraviolet light.

The clamp will clip on surfaces up to 2.5 inches.

We recommend that the plants be kept at least 8 to 12 inches away from the grow light. We have designed the light so that you can conveniently modify the distance by adjusting the gooseneck arms to your liking.

Lumens measure how bright a light appears to the human eye. White and yellow lights will appear brighter as compared to blue and red lights. A high lumen value does not necessary mean that the light has the optimum color spectrum for growing plants. Thus we do not provide this metric on our grow lights. What is important to look out for is the color spectrum of the grow lights.

It is actually normal for the lamp to generate heat, particularly the tubes which are lit. The summer season, along with outdoor and indoor temperatures, is also expected to contribute to the heat. This is nothing unusual, and under no circumstances will this affect the lifespan of your LED lamp. Like any other lights in the household, the lamp will be hot, but its clamp and gooseneck shouldn’t be as hot as the lighted tubes. Rest assured that the lamp you received has undergone and passed all the necessary tests to ensure your safety.

No. This model features a built-in timer that can automatically turn on and off for your convenience.

LED are more efficient than any other type of lighting, which basically means you pay less in power costs to get the same results. Running the Saber QUAD for 12 hours a day every day, will cost you approximately $8.50 per year or about $0.70 per month.


Rated Power 40 watts
Max Draw Wattage 15 watts
Input Voltage AC 100-265 V
Frequency 50 to 60 Hertz
Working Current 0.3 amps to 3 amps
Construction Material Aluminum alloy
No. of LED Chips 80
LED Chips Ratio 52 Red : 28 Blue
Blue Light Wavelength 460 - 470 nm
Red Light Wavelength 620 - 660 nm
Lifetime 50,000 hours
Cord Length 5 ft
Product Weight 1.85 lbs
Package Dimension 13.8 by 5.5 by 3.4 inches
Warranty 1 year
Package Content 1 x Saber QUAD, 1 x USB power adapter and 1 x user manual


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Laura M.
United States United States

I like the adustability

I am using the different arms to deliver lights on several different plants at different levels. I like that it clamps to my plant rack. Brite Labs was quick and reliable in getting it to me after I placed my order.

Jose G.
United States United States

It works!

Light has really helped my plants. This has been a very bleak winter in NYC but my plants are blooming!

Charisse C.
United States United States

Saber grow lights

I’ve actually bought two different sets of the saber, quad lights. In the past I’ve also bought three sets of the saber trio and a duo saber grow lights. I enjoyed the ease of ordering the lights, and they’re very easy to turn on and set timers. I’ve had well over 50 plants, and all of them are very healthy. And I know that having these grow lights, especially during the fall and winter months Have helped my plants to thrive. Thank you.

JoEllen v.
United States United States

saber quad

So far so good, time will tell how the plants do and if the light keeps working.

Ed T.
United States United States

product review

so far so good. not finished test.

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