Brite Labs Lance TRIO LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants Small Artificial Sunlight Plant Growing Lamp Full Spectrum Bulbs Seed Starting Kit
Brite Labs Lance TRIO LED Plant Growing Lamps For Seed Starting Seedlings Herbs Succulents Houseplants 2700K Spectrum Gooseneck Clip On
Lance TRIO
Lance TRIO
Lance TRIO
Lance TRIO
Lance TRIO
Lance TRIO

Lance TRIO

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Designed for ultra fast germination and healthy vibrant plants.

Compact and sleek design is partnered with 3000K color spectrum LED chips to create this easy to install grow light. Simply clamp onto your furniture or shelf and get ready to enjoy bold and beautiful plants. 3 adjustable arms and automatic timer settings are completely customizable to fit your growing needs.

Optimized for Growth

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Easy to use.

Enjoy your green thumb!
2700K warm white spectrum LED grow lamp

Get the most out of indoor gardening

Warm white spectrum is pleasant to live with.

Suitable and recommended for

LED grow lights for common indoor tropical houseplants

Common Houseplants

Get lush foliage and vibrant blooms—and watch as your plants thrive thanks to artificial lighting that mimics natural sunlight.

plant grow lights for seed starting and seedlings

Seed Starting

Grow lights provide the optimal spectrum for seedlings and young plants. Use it to germinate seeds and extend the growing season for healthy, strong plants.

top view of various types of succulent


Perfect for nurturing succulents, grow lights are great for bringing sunlight indoors—providing just the right amount of light, and fostering the succulent's vibrant colors.

on/off timer.

Customize your growing schedule.
dracaena plant in dark room

Grow spectacular houseplants

Have inadequate natural light?

Keep your plants thriving

During cold winter months.

plants on the windowsill during winter

gooseneck arms.

Provides optimum coverage for your plants.
Lance TRIO LED grow lights for indoor plants

With the right grow lights

Your indoor garden will flourish.

Cutting-edge LED technology

Takes the guesswork out of indoor gardening.

LED technology cultivates indoor plants in greenhouse

6 different
brightness modes.

Control the amount of light your plants get.
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"Everything you need to create the perfect indoor growing conditions."

"Extremely impressed by the growth I saw within my plants after two weeks of use."

"All of the seeds that I have planted are growing well. Looking forward to a great garden this summer!"

"It’s great to know that I have back up during the winter months or when the weather is bad."

"Brite Labs offers LED lights that are customizable to individual plant needs."

Frequently Asked Questions

The clamp is designed to keep the grow light steady when it's standing up and its arms are positioned accordingly. Without utilizing the clamp, the grow light may not be able to hold itself steady.

The Lance TRIO only produces 3000K warm white light. It does not produce ultraviolet light.

The clamp will clip on surfaces up to 2.5 inches.

We recommend that the plants be kept at least 8 to 12 inches away from the grow light. We have designed the light so that you can conveniently modify the distance by adjusting the gooseneck arms to your liking.

Lumens measure how bright a light appears to the human eye. White and yellow lights will appear brighter as compared to blue and red lights. A high lumen value does not necessary mean that the light has the optimum color spectrum for growing plants. Thus we do not provide this metric on our grow lights. What is important to look out for is the color spectrum of the grow lights.

It is actually normal for the lamp to generate heat, particularly the tubes which are lit. The summer season, along with outdoor and indoor temperatures, is also expected to contribute to the heat. This is nothing unusual, and under no circumstances will this affect the lifespan of your LED lamp. Like any other lights in the household, the lamp will be hot, but its clamp and gooseneck shouldn’t be as hot as the lighted tubes. Rest assured that the lamp you received has undergone and passed all the necessary tests to ensure your safety.

No. This model features a built-in timer that can automatically turn on and off for your convenience.

LED are more efficient than any other type of lighting, which basically means you pay less in power costs to get the same results. Running the Lance TRIO for 12 hours a day every day, will cost you approximately $6.80 per year or about $0.55 per month.


Rated Power 25 watts
Max Draw Wattage 10 watts
Input Voltage AC 100-265 V
Frequency 50 to 60 Hertz
Working Current 0.3 amps to 3 amps
Construction Material Aluminum alloy
No. of LED Chips 150
Color Temperature 3000K
Lifetime 50,000 hours
Cord Length 5 ft
Product Weight 1.78 lbs
Package Dimension 13.98 by 4.93 by 3.31 inches
Warranty 1 year
Package Content 1 x Lance TRIO, 1 x USB power adapter and 1 x user manual


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Rebecca M.
United States United States

This product is okay

So far, the light is a lot dimmer and has a different, warmer spectrum than another grow light we have in the same room that seems more effective. It is best for small plants that do not require bright lights. If you use the pad to put it on a timer, it will flash blue incessantly, so it is not a good light for bedrooms, where the blinking light is difficult to sleep with. It cannot be put on a wall timer because it does not default to the “on” position when the power is cut off then allowed back on. All in all, I would prefer a different, brighter light without the built in timer.

Jennifer SVG verified by SHOP
United States United States

I live in the basement right now with all my plants and they are all thriving.

Patricia H.
United States United States

Does not work

The lights do not come on. There is power because the small controller is lighted. Very disappointing. How do I get a replacement? Why am I responsible for paying for return shipping of a defective product?

Cyndi S.
United States United States

Plants like.

Pro: Lights are making my plants grow, better than the single bulb grow lights. They are pretty and looks nice in room. Cons: The individual light does not spin to aim exactly where I like. You have to wrench around with the somewhat stiff cords. Way to difficult. The buttons on remote are very finicky to use especially the on/off button. Wont work on first press about half the time. You have to click it just right.

Charisse C.
United States United States

Lance Trio

I have not received it yet. It’s still in transit. But my other Lance trio that I purchased is GREAT!!! It helps my plants a lot that are in a darker area of my room. ALL the lights I’ve purchased from Brite Labs have helped my plants to thrive!